here i am

John, a tweleve year old kid, stumbled upon a piece of an old newspaper. The piece said, "JEFF THE KILLER MURDERS PERSIST".,john froze then ran down the stairs,dad,dad ,whats this,jeff got scared that his son found this,nothing son just son fake garbage.John had a odd feeling but just ignored it he ran to his mom,jane the killer,mom did this really happen,of course not son this is fake go ask your father,but mom i did already,ok then well you know the truth,but john had a odd feeling but he ignored it still.The next day he met up with his friend joseph to go to school and some bullies come and say hey nerds give my all your money and joseph said no you dumb brats,there were three the main one ronald,the fat one owen and the really skinny one sidney by the way,and ronald said i guess we have to do this the hard way and sidney stabbed joseph in the leg,john had that feeling again but this time didn't ignore it then took the knife from sidney and stapped sidney in the stomach then punched owen in the face then kicked ronald in the leg then stabbed him in the back,then john went to check on joseph,john how did do that,i dont know said john,while john was helping jospeh up a couple of adults heading there way they both looked at the three bullies then ran so they would not get caught,then john made joseph sware to keep this a secret.The next day john heres knocking on the door then rushing down the sairs thing i was joseph,but when he reached the last stair he see's two officers and his dad and mom both say, WHAT HAPPED ,joseph see's the police trucks then rush's over to johns house,after john tells them the story the officer say's john you need to come with us to juevey joseph say's it was me not john,john say's no its not it was me see,john reach's for his knife but its gone then joseph pulls out johns knife and say'it was me see,the officers tell joseph to come with then john trys to stop them but its no use johns starts to cry and tells jane and jeff,mom it was me,i know and i think i have to have a talk,i know why you did that to those guys its you got i mostly from your father,i dont unserstand,theres somthing i never told youyour father used to be a serial killer and he used to get strange feelings like you,well that explains a lot but did you used to be a serial killer to,of course not i used to be your fathers enemy,really,ya i used to fight him but i always kinda liked him and one thing came to another amd we got married,wow thats a lot to take in at once but wait why did you let joseph go to juevey then,hey i got to keep you inner killer in,well thats messed but ok.Later that night john told his dad that john knew about his past so it was ok,finaly i can train younto be a killer,but dad mom said i should stay good,what hey dont listen to here you were born to be a killing machine,dadill think about it im tired im going to sleep.The next day john on his way to school when ronald and his gang come and say we got some unfinshed work with him so they attacked him ronald kept kicking john in the face more and more then that feeling came back and john stapped ronald in the arm then killed sidney and owen then ran back home and told his dad,i want you to teach me,his dad made a huge smile and said yes finally so they stared and then after there first lesson they went down to eat dinner,then johns mom jane ask,so what have you to been doing,john blurted out,i have been training to be a killer with dad,no son dont tell her,what jeff i told you to never teach him to kill,but he is a good killer he needs to be taught,i said no,try to stop me honey,jeff lets out a grin then they both start to fight then by the end jeff dies and johns really sad then jane say's,its ok il teach you to be good and by the way,dont go to sleep or you wont wake up.

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